Saturday, 19 July 2014

Volga CTF quals 2014

Team r00t managed only 700 points and secured 80th position

This was 1 really son of a difficult CTF


If login successful, You will be given a particular phpsession.
Login was easy. you enter random name and it will get registered and access will be given.

Task was Session fixation.

After login in. In source we can see help.php

In link place give your link to the page where the session id is assigned.

and refresh the loged in page.

flag: Easy_task_on_Session_Fixation

Comments are welcomed...
Question solving skill: x7r0n


Guess they where using strcmp function to password.
Change password to array elements.

response for the above request [image]

I don't know whether this is how challenge was made to be solved. But this shit worked :D

Comments are welcomed :)

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